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MaJor Rezults offers a kind of customer service that is often lost in the service industry.  We believe in building relationships with our clients, not simply conducting “transactions”. Our DOT trained, and qualified collectors are all very personable and genuinely like people​, which help them serve you better.  They are trained to recognize​​ behaviors that are common among  those trying to cheat a drug ​test and their experience with people that are uncomfortable with the process has helped them formulate approaches that put people at ease, reducing long wait times for shy bladder scenarios.  Our 24/7 service means less downtime for you and your workforce. 


Onsite collections can save you TIME and MONEY.  When factoring in your employee wages for travel and wait times, your drug test per person could be costing you more than you think.  The trip to the clinic does make sense at times, but more often than not, our onsite service can be more beneficial.  Give us a call and we can help assess your situation.  


Onsite collections can help maintain the integrity of the drug testing process.  When sending an employee offsite for a drug test, there is ample opportunity to try and cheat the test.  Onsite drug testing services can help your drug and alcohol-free policy enforce and support a safe working environment. 


*Get a Drug Test Now – Fast, Same Day Service! Court Ordered, Probation, Personal and Pre-Employment. All types of testing available including DNA Paternity, DOT, urine, hair, oral fluid, alcohol and more.

*Confidential Pregnancy Testing 

*DNA Testing 

*COVID-19 Testing 

*Background Checks


What our customers are saying

I can say it was a great opportunity for me to do something I never thought I would be doing I just want to say thank you for the opportunity and continue doing what you doing. I just want to say about Bennie Plummer she is a great person I met and I learn a lot from her not knowing her that long and she do a great job.

L. Bryant 

I love Ms. Plummer personality and her heart that matches it. We need more educators like her. She make you feel so comfortable that you don't be embarrassed to ask questions. Her live job skills makes you feel welcomed, loved, and want to learn anything she teach.

-E. Fuller

Review: One stop shop! Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy etc... I look forward to seeing the smiling beautiful faces every month. Keep up the great work!

-David I.

Review: The best drug testing company in Central Georgia! Fast and A+ service. On time and professionally ran company. I highly recommend MaJor Rezults.


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